2025 Mini Cooper Interior Revealed


Mini is keeping its 2025 Cooper uncomplicated inside, offering both internal combustion and electric powertrain options. The main change to note in the 2025 Cooper is its newly designed infotainment screen spanning nearly all dashboard space.

A circular display with an impossibly thin bezel and minimalist dashboard design are joined by an innovative steering wheel featuring more buttons and an eye-catching strap-like third bottom “spoke.”

Front Seats

Mini brand models are about to undergo significant transformation, with the Cooper hatchback getting an update and the Countryman entering an entirely new generation. As a preview of these changes, Mini is showing off some design highlights such as a new steering wheel and some sleek wheels.

At the center of it all is a massive circular display containing infotainment system software with quick-access icons for defrosters and hazards, alongside a toggle bar with switches and knobs for selecting gears, turning off/on, adjusting drive modes etc.

At startup, ambient lights concealed behind the textile dash pad illuminate and change color depending on your selected drive mode or infotainment theme. Also shown here is Mini’s newly developed steering wheel featuring its signature “toggle bar,” with three unique buttons and an eye-catching strap-like third bottom “spoke.”

Rear Seats

Even though Mini is not known for its spacious interiors, two average-sized adults will still find enough leg room in the 2025 Cooper Electric’s back seats to sit comfortably. It is likely to ride on BMW Group’s FAAR platform which also supports plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The 2025 Mini Cooper will feature an elegant minimalist dashboard design with premium gray fabric upholstery, two-spoke multifunctional steering wheel and circular infotainment panel, ambient lighting. A pop-up glass head-up display should provide drivers with key vehicle data at any given moment.

The infotainment system can be operated via touchscreen, physical controls on the steering wheel, voice commands or a combination of all four methods. Furthermore, Mini Cooper comes equipped with its own personal assistant named Spike who will assist with various tasks as well as adapt to your driving patterns and adapt accordingly.


The 2025 Mini Cooper is the inaugural vehicle from BMW’s newly revised lineup to feature a refreshed interior design. Combining retro elements with modern conveniences and playful details to produce a refreshing aesthetic. All centered around a large circular infotainment screen that takes the place of traditional instrument gauges.

Mini has also abandoned physical controls located beneath its screen in favor of an oval-shaped dashboard that features climate control dials and shortcut icons, plus two USB Type-C ports and wireless charging support.

The infotainment screen features an elegant and user-friendly layout. It houses the driving mode selector, electric range/power meter, navigation hub and media player; digital speedometer; head-up display; shortcuts/information displays for customization on top section; as well as Mini’s personal assistant named Spike that was introduced on Aceman crossover concept model and will later appear in future production models such as Countryman SUV.

Door Panels

Mini may have given its electric cars new names, but their iconic shape remains. Even while wearing swirly camouflage, its iconic shape remains unchanged – the prototype still looks like a normal Cooper Hardtop and features round headlights, short wheelbase, and contrast color roof – which all indicate Mini will stay true to its retro roots.

Inside its two-tone cabin is a large circular infotainment display in the middle of the dashboard – taking its design inspiration from Alec Issigonis’ original model design.

The new Cooper EV will feature an electric motor capable of producing 181 horsepower depending on its trim level, with Cooper SE models boasting up to 214 hp thanks to their larger battery pack (with up to 54.2 kwh capacity), with its estimated EPA-rated range varying between 186 miles and 248 miles.

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