How to Remove Scratches From Car


Car scratches are an unavoidable part of vehicle ownership, often due to improper parking or items left stored on its hood.

Before applying any product designed to remove car scratches, first wash the area with auto-specific soap and soft sponge. This will ensure a clean surface for work to take place, increasing chances of successful outcomes.

Use a Scratch Remover

Scratches can be the bane of every car owner’s existence. From an accidental key swipe to collision in the parking lot, scratches are an eyesore and make your ride appear older than it actually is. But there are ways you can repair light scratches without taking it to a shop.

To eliminate superficial scratches, wash the area using car soap or liquid detergent and dry completely before waxing your vehicle. Also consider using filler waxes to fill in shallow scratches.

For deeper scratches, rubbing compound should be used with caution; excessive amounts can wear away at your car’s paint and clear coat, so use sparingly. These products can be found at any auto parts store and some come equipped with applicator pads for easier application; alternatively a microfiber cloth can be used to wipe off residue from some scratch removers while others leave no odor whatsoever.

Buff Out Light Scratches

Car scratches come in all shapes and sizes; from superficial scrapes that only affect the clear coat to deep gouges that penetrate down to the metal substrate, each type requires its own approach for repair.

Light scratch marks that only damage the clear coat are the easiest to fix, as they can be eliminated with polishing of an area using products designed specifically to remove them. The best car scratch removers help clean away marks while blending them seamlessly into surrounding paint, leaving your vehicle looking almost brand new again.

Start by washing and rinsing the area to provide yourself with a clean surface to work on. Next, use a quarter-sized dollop of scratch remover on a buffing pad to apply to damaged area. Rinse off and reapply as necessary until damage has been fully repaired – many reviewers have highly recommended this product as being easy and effective; additionally it also contains wax to protect paint jobs once repairs have been made.

Fill Deep Scratches

Deep scratches on your car may leave it looking worse, but with some time and dedication they can be easily fixed at home using scratch remover and touch-up paint.

Start by cleaning the area you will be working on using car-specific soap, then drying with a microfiber towel. Most scratch removal kits provide all the tools and supplies necessary for repair of the finish of your vehicle.

If you have a deep scratch that cannot be covered with rubbing compound alone, consider consulting with a reputable body shop. They can sand and repaint it to make the damage nearly unnoticeable.

After filling a scratch with putty, use a fine brush and matching paint from either your dealership or online retailer to touch-up it. Keep in mind that the color must match or it will become instantly obvious.

Repair Light Scratches with Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be an effective tool in the battle against light scratches on your car’s glass or paint surface, with its mildly abrasive properties helping smooth down uneven surfaces that form scratches, filling them in. This approach works particularly well on clear coat scratches which don’t go through to the paint surface and therefore are less visible.

Begin by washing and drying the affected area thoroughly to eliminate dirt from being rubbed into any scratches and making them worse. Use a microfibre cloth dipped in toothpaste to gently rub it over the scratched areas – whitening toothpastes tend to work best but any will do!

A key to successful toothpaste scratch removal lies within its RDA (relative density of abrasives). Choose a paste with low RDA count or small particle abrasives; this will make the paste more polish-like than abrasive and less likely to damage your car’s finish. Be sure to rinse and reapply as necessary!

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