Revving Up: The Top 10 Most Anticipated Car Models of 2011

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Lexus’ V10 sportscar boasts such an aggressive redline that an analog tachometer was no match, necessitating digital readout instead.

Alfa Romeo’s Giulia sedan will become an electric vehicle and its top-spec Quadrifoglio version may offer more than 1,000 horsepower. Ford and Toyota also plan to produce electric pickup trucks and SUVs in the near future.

1. BMW 3-Series EV

The BMW 330e plug-in hybrid offers an impressive combination of gasoline convenience and electric efficiency, but those seeking zero emissions should look toward the global 3-Series EV as an even more compelling choice.

The Vision Neue Klasse concept previews an electric sedan that should become the BMW 3 Series by 2026. Dayton residents should anticipate an impressive range and fast charging times from this concept vehicle.

2. Dodge Challenger EV

Stellantis’ new drivable concept gives us a sneak peak of what will replace their current gas-powered Charger and Challenger models, with production ending next year.

The Daytona SRT employs an all-wheel drive Banshee architecture with 800V charging, designed to outperform Hellcat V8-powered variants in key performance measurements.

Thanks to an exhaust simulation system, the car sounds just like one from Dodge!

3. Honda Civic EV

Honda claims the Civic e:HEV boasts efficient urban consumption of 2.0L/100km; we need more time driving every day before verifying this claim, however.

However, the Civic EV handles beautifully and its hybrid drivetrain is quiet. Additionally, its continuously variable transmission offers decent acceleration mimicry while the infotainment system’s freestanding 9-inch screen makes using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto a snap.

4. Ram 1500 REV

Ram made waves with their eye-catching Super Bowl commercial for their 1500 REV truck, but when it comes to specs and design, its production version falls far short of its radical concept vehicle.

Massive battery packs promise vast ranges, while fast charging and impressive towing and payload capacities will help ease customers into an electric future. Furthermore, this truck will include configurable heads-up displays and digital gauge clusters.

5. Mercedes G-Wagen EQG

The EQG appears to be a sleek, modern interpretation of the G-Class. Powered by four electric motors – one for each wheel – this vehicle will provide superior handling performance.

German automaker Volkswagen will use a proprietary battery technology co-developed with American next-generation battery materials company Sila Nanotechnologies that promises an improvement of 20-40% in energy density.

The EQG will make its debut in 2024 and customer deliveries should begin shortly thereafter. Pricing details have not been made available as yet.

6. Lucid Motors Gravity

Lucid Motors was once known as Atieva; now, with the 2025 Gravity SUV it hopes to convince shoppers it deserves another try with consumers. Expect up to 800 horsepower from this vehicle using Lucid’s unique 900-volt architecture for one of the fastest DC charge rates available in its segment.

Your ideal vehicle should come equipped with two or three rows and feature luxurious, comfortable features for an optimal driving experience.

7. Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV stands on both ends of time; with its 200 horsepower motor powering the front wheels and estimated range of 259 miles. Furthermore, its spacious front section can comfortably fit drivers over 6 feet tall.

The 2022 update to the Bolt enhanced interior materials, introduced wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility and maintained its playful nimbleness and impressive one-pedal driving characteristics.

8. Ford Bronco EV

Ford made the difficult task of translating their iconic Bronco into a contemporary SUV easier with their stunning 2024 Bronco Sport. From its base form alone, this sleek vehicle exudes modernity without seeming retro or outdated.

One of its best features is the one-pedal driving mode, which acts like cruise control on extremely rough off-road sections. Badlands and First Edition trims offer increased capability through more rugged 4×4 systems.

9. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid offers reliable performance at an impressive fuel economy rating, while also coming equipped with standard advanced safety features.

The 2023 Corolla Hybrid refresh offered sportier styling, improved handling agility, and Toyota’s new infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Furthermore, AWD was added, which is rarely found among compact hybrids; but acceleration remains slow; making this more suited for city driving than highway cruising.

10. Toyota Tacoma EV

Toyota trucks have long been revered for their combination of versatility and dynamic driving ability, yet an electric Tacoma could take this reputation one step further.

Spy photos suggest the Tacoma EV will feature an updated interior. Expect digital instrument cluster and high-resolution screens, in addition to traditional switchgear. A closed-off radiator grille may help reduce aerodynamic drag, increasing range.

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