What Is a Garbage Truck?


A garbage truck is a specially-designed truck that collects municipal solid waste and transports it to a solid waste treatment facility. These facilities can include a landfill, recycling center, or transfer station. These facilities dispose of waste in environmentally-sound ways. Garbage trucks are often equipped with cameras and gyroscopes to detect hazardous materials and other waste materials.

Garbage trucks come in many styles. Some are front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, and roll-off trucks. Each one has different features and functions. Some models are bigger than others. These trucks can haul more garbage and weigh more garbage. There are four main types of garbage trucks in the United States.

New Way manufactures several different models of garbage trucks. The Diamondback is the smallest rear loader truck and compacts six to eight cubic yards of garbage. The Diamondback is also known for its extensive list of standard features, which are upgrades over competitors’ models. This truck is also equipped with a rear-loading capability and has a driver alert buzzer that can alert the driver if there are any obstructions.

While most garbage trucks come equipped with safety features, there are still numerous risks. For example, the packer blade is one of the most dangerous parts of a garbage truck. If not properly maintained, these blades can cause deadly accidents. Accidents due to a packing blade are often caused by negligence, mechanical errors, or other factors.

The garbage truck driver’s job requires several important skills. The driver must be able to safely drive a truck on the right side of the road. Moreover, the driver must be able to park on the left side. Another important skill is to be familiar with weather conditions. The garbage truck driver should also be aware of any signs of sanitary issues that could lead to a garbage truck accident.

There are several types of garbage trucks that can be used in residential areas. One type is the rear loader garbage truck, which can be used for residential garbage collection. These trucks can handle massive amounts of waste. Rear loader garbage trucks are also capable of carrying bin bags, which are typically used by residential clients.

Driver distraction is another concern. Distracted garbage truck drivers may not see other cars and may not be able to react to a passing vehicle. This can lead to a rear-end collision. Distracted garbage truck drivers may not pay attention to other road users and may even miss a child playing near the road.

A rear-loading garbage truck is the most common type of garbage truck. This type of truck features a rear opening to the hopper and sometimes uses a hydraulic lift to lift trash bins. These trucks are operated through buttons located on the exterior of the vehicle. When the trash collector is in view, he can push a button to raise the bin.

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